Ramification of Grieving!!

Sorrow or particularly grief is not just an emotional distress, it equally impacts on physical, behavioral and the intellectual reactions as well.  Public situations that can appeal grief comprise usually the departure of a loved one, disturbance in health, mismatch in love life and also unemployment. Typically grieving is a natural phenomenon and an individual […]


Defining Memory Memory forms a human being. It helps to keep our life managed and systematic. If we are not able to remember the past events, the people we met, the places we visited, and the timespan of any occasion    going on in our daily lives, we would certainly not be able to cope. We […]


In a more general terms,emotions and feelings are often misconceived as a similar thing.But,if we see them in terms of psychology,these are slightly different from one another but highly interconnected. Emotions : Basically,what are emotions?”An emotion is a complex psychological state that involves three distinct components: a subjective experience, a physiological response, and a behavioral expressive […]

Depression-An inevitable Chaos

What is depression? Depression is also known as ‘the blues’.In psychology and psychiatry,it is a state of mind that produces serious,long-term lowering of enjoyment of life or inability to visualize or think happy or positive thoughts. In simple words,if emptiness and despair has strangled upon you,you might be suffering from depression.Hopelessness is the major feeling […]

life of an INTROVERT

What is an introvert? Introvert is an individual who is pre-occupied by his/her own personal thoughts,feelings and emotions. The term was introduced by Carl Jung in his Theory of Personality. Characteristics : 1.Love to spend time alone rather than attending parties or so. 2.Prefer to keep quite. 3.They are reflective in nature. 4.They are introspective. […]

Distinguishing normal from the other side!!

Normal Individual : What i personally see in a normal individual is   He is comparatively social in behavior. He has a  catchy personality and his IQ level should be average. His talk is brief and understandable for all. he can adjust to any social environment and can resist change. he is emotionally stable. Average […]

Unveiling The Affects OF CSA(Child Sexual Abuse)

What is CSA? The term childhood sexual abuse is based on definition developed by the American Medical Association.   According to the American Medical Association (1992), childhood sexual abuse consists of contact abuse ranging from fondling to rape and noncontact abuse, such as modeling inappropriate sexual behavior, forced involvement in child pornography, or exhibitionism.In easier words,CSA is […]